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Crystal's first exposure to the One Stroke™ technique was shortly after her Mom returned to their home in South Carolina from a two-day workshop given by Donna Dewberry in 1999. The two of them decided that the rose would make an interesting centerpiece for Crystal's upcoming wedding reception. They made a few samples, weren't happy with the results, and ultimately decided to use a completely different centerpiece.

Crystal moved to Minnesota from South Carolina shortly after her wedding. She started One Stroke™ painting again later in July 1999. With encouragement and support from both her mom and husband, Crystal decided to attend the One Stroke Certification held in July 2001. She left for the certification not feeling confident of her One Stroke painting capabilities; she returned home wanting to paint everything.

She started teaching in September 2001 and enjoys helping others discover that they too can paint using the One Stroke™ technique. She attended the Donna Dewberry Wall and Furniture Certification in August 2002 to continue her One Stroke™ education.

Crystal would also like to give a special thank you to her husband, Brian, for all the love and support in helping to accomplish her dreams and for his help in creating and maintaining this website.


Morris Island Lighthouse
Morris Island Lighthouse
Folly Beach, South Carolina
Painted by Crystal Short


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