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Basic One Stroke Painting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers

Basic One Stroke Painting Questions and Answers

What is One Stroke painting?
One Stroke painting is a innovative style of decorative painting devised by Donna Dewberry. The One Stroke method allows for blending, shading, and highlighting all in one stroke.

Can I do One Stroke painting?
Yes! Everyone can learn the One Stroke method. I've watched as people with a wide range of painting skills developed into very talented One Stroke painters.

I've taken a class or two, but still can't get the hang of One Stroke painting. What should I do?
It may be difficult for you to get the hang of at first, but continue practicing to develop brush control. As Donna says, "Relax, practice, and paint, paint, paint!"

Can I paint my favorite One Stroke design on glass, wood, plastic, wax, soap, etc?
Absolutely! Different surfaces require different preparation and finish coats (for protection), but you can paint on anything. Visit the Carolina Paints Articles and Tips page for in-depth articles for specific surfaces.

Morris Island Lighthouse
Morris Island Lighthouse
Folly Beach, South Carolina
Painted by Crystal Short


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